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Focus Areas

Nalu Technology combines domain expertise with a lot of curiosity. We are driven by compelling problems and believe exciting inventions occur at the boundaries of discipline. Current technology under development includes the following projects.


Positional Awareness in GPS-Denied Environments

Nalu Technology is developing an accurate and reliable positional awareness system for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems operating in GPS-denied environments.


Data from signals of opportunity triangulation, computer vision odometry, and inertial navigation systems are fused with AI decision support to deliver reliable position information when GPS signals become unavailable or corrupted.


Scheduled to launch in November 2022, our demonstration solution does not require a priori knowledge of the initial location, landmarks, or signals.

Light Tactical Vehicle Drone Detection

Building on our expertise in software-defined radio (SDR) triangulation and computer vision, Nalu Technology is exploring a low-cost drone detection device for light tactical vehicles.


This project focuses on threats to teams and squads posed by small (Group 1) drones flying no higher than 1,200 feet at less than 115 mph and weighing less than 20 pounds.

Image by Erik Odiin
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